Communication with clients in messengers becomes more effective than by phone or e-mail. According to Tap2Pay research, the messengers win on such KPIs:

  • open rate,
  • click-through rate,
  • reply rate. 

As a result, messengers have more than 3 times average open rate and more than 4 times average click-through rate as compared to emails.


So, We give you some more facts:

  • According to, in April 2017 Facebook Messenger had 1.2 billion users every month.
  • Messenger is optimized for mobile or desktop. No more mobile configuration for email messages.
  • Customers don’t want to provide their email address registering on the website or in exchange for your free download anymore.
  • Engage in an email newsletter or campaign requires more steps from a customer than opening a Facebook Messenger thread.
  • Retargeting your Messenger leads is easier and faster than retargeting email leads since the leads are already on Facebook.
  • Messenger is a two-way interaction that is ‘live’, at least at the client end. The response the bot gives is determined by the question the user asks. Email marketing is a one-way interaction and more ‘marketing’ focused.

But this doesn’t mean you should stop your email campaigns. You have got to do both.

Emails don’t excite people as much as messengers do. Maybe one day, when messengers marketing is saturated, some other technology will take it over.

Before that happens, you as a business owner should take full advantage of messengers with Tap2Pay. That provides invoicing, instant payments and customer support right in messengers chat.

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