The more technology advances, the more it’s integrated into our daily lives. The lines between what we do online and in real life have begun to blur.


With changing buying process, consumer expectations have shifted. They want to seamlessly interact with a brand or company across multiple platforms and touchpoints.


Your customers will be happier if they will have several methods to reach you. Or if they can purchase your product easily regardless of their device or platform. Customer satisfaction is the key to reducing customer churn and keeping them returning to you for their needs.


Consumers want the flexibility to pay wherever they want and how they want — in a store, with their phone, online, etc. If businesses want to succeed in the modern era, they have to be savvy enough to capture payments whenever customers show buying intent, regardless of the sales channel.


Tap2Pay is an omnichannel payment system because it provides a lot of different payment methods in different channels (websites, social networks, messengers), and also provide customer support right in the chat.

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