Step 1: Register on the Tap2Pay website

After registration you will see this window:


To activate your test account, click on the link in the top menu “Activate” and fill production request with the information about your company, click “Save”. After that our manager will contact you.


Step 2: Create the product

1. Select Products, + New Product


2. Fill in the form with the product description, сlick “Save”. The created product will be on the dashboard with the products list.


3. You will see “Selling Tools” button.



Step 3: Integration


After that you will see the window with different tabs Links, Website, QR, FB Ads:


  1. Web & email checkout link for integration with a social media post or e-mail, blog post etc.

2-4. FB, Telegram, and Viber link for integration with messengers.


You will see JS code for integration with a website like this:


<script src=’‘></script>


var t2pHandler = new T2P.Checkout({merchant_id: “JzFXXr”});


<button type=”button” onClick=”t2pHandler.openProduct(‘M2QihwUT’)”>Buy</button>


Insert the code on a website.

You can see below link to API:

“For more information about integration see documentation”.


QR code for offline sales. (For example, it can be printed on a brochure or menu, etc., a person will have to scan it, automatically receive an invoice for payment in the instant messenger and pay with a card).

FB Ads:

Check please, demo video, how Tap2Pay integrates with FB ads.



To create a coupon, click “Coupons” on the top bar, click “New coupon”, fill in the fields and click “Save”.


Check please, demo video, how to create a product.

Basket Widget

To create a Basket Widget go to the Products tab, select a basket icon “Basket Widgets” – +New Basket Widgets.

Select products for the widget from the drop-down list and click Add, after that click Save.

You will see code, copy, and past it on your website.

As a result, you get a widget which looks like this:

Step 4: Test it

After the “Pay” button is installed on a website, click it and you will see a widget:

Fill in the test card details:

Card number: 4111 1111 1111 1111, cvv 111, validity: 11/21,

Card holder’s name: Ivan Ivanov,

Email: your email.
If you need help, contact us please by email:


In your merchant account you can see also:

  • The dashboard with statistics, the total amount of transactions etc.
  • The window with customer information.
  • The window with all chats with customers. You can support, communicate, send them notifications in real time.

Affiliate program

If you want to earn with Tap2Pay select “Setting” tab, “Partner Program”, copy the link and send to a friend. When your friend registers with the link, we will transfer to your account 10% of our monthly commission earned from this client.

Happy selling!


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