Today, chatbots allow you to organize all the sales process in the messenger – from picking up the goods to payment and tracking the delivery.

In this case, a customer doesn’t need to open a site or install an application, register, and the whole process looks like a conversation.

In Bain & Company research says that when brands responding to customers through this channel, they can expect to increase revenue per user on average from 20 to 40%.

The implementation chatbots in e-commerce allow online-stores to increase sales, let’s see what are the reasons for this?


Reduce cart abandoned rate

Chatbots in messengers have a better viewing level and following links than e-mail. Therefore they coping well with attracting leads. Now cart abandonment rate in e-Commerce is about 70%. The email was a great way to restore abandoned cart helping to finish 50% of purchases. Now, chatbots joined this process. They exactly increase this percentage due to a higher viewing level and following links.



After making a purchase there is about 35% probability that the user will buy something else. Here chatbots can help you, sending personalized offers. Personalization in general increases sales.

According to Accenture, customers are 75% more likely to buy something from a seller who refers to them by name and offers variants based on previous purchases.


Leads generation

The user can buy goods on social networks or on the website, and after click on the posts or buy button receives the invoice directly to the chat messenger. After that, a chat establishes between the buyer and the seller. The merchant can support the customer, communicate with him, send notifications. Such a channel as messengers provides a great conversion.


Customer retention

Here Bots win applications. Bots have the advantage – you don’t need to install them, register somewhere, etc. The absence of barriers allows you to use them whenever you want. You can easily start a chat with a bot.

According to Twilio research, while 89% of consumers would like to use messaging to communicate with brands.

Average consumers use 3 different messaging apps per week, send 3 message per hour.

85% of consumers not only want to be able to receive information but also reply to business or engage in a conversation.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 25% of customer support and services will be integrated with “virtual assistants”.


Facilitate Payments

And of course, it wouldn’t make sense to be able to do all that you can with a bot within not be able to complete the transaction by paying via the chat.

You can allow users to pay in two clicks in chat without leaving the environment. It’s seamless and convenient and of course, it increases your sale conversion rate.


The use of the chatbot depends on your business goals. But it looks like e-Commerce will never be the same with the arrival of chatbots.

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