Hey Online Business Owners,

Everyone knows how it works, another week passed you by and you still not converting as many clients as you thought you did. Your business is great, your products are amazing, but still… something is missing, something like more conversions and more sales.

We at Tap2Pay are growing our networks of both merchants as well as service providers and plugins – We can name few, such as Woocommerce, Magento, Sandbox and much much more, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

When you, as a business owner, decide to use a bot to simplify your sales process, you can potentially convert between 20%-50% more than the industry standard that stands at a mere 8%.

So on every $1,000, you make a day, you could potentially make $200-$500 MORE.


Ok, so I’ve decided to improve my sales conversion process and seeing a little more money

You are missing the point; you are actually making more money since when you simplify, you spend less time on retaining prospects who had abandoned their cart, which means less money goes on text messages (SMS), Call To Action (CTA) emails and certainly remarketing via Adwords/Facebook ads.

By simplifying and going straight to a mobile messenger that your prospects trust, you reduce the abandonment cart and remarketing processes needed to bring the same client back and to manage to convert more prospects, thus reducing the churn rate and raising the Life Time Value (LTV) of each client.

So potentially, you can make $250-$600 more each day because you spend less money on chasing prospects.


You may be right, Messenger is a good tool, but is it safe?

Let us promise you that we are using any means necessary to make all the payments processes SSL safe and secure. Your client trust Messenger, Viber and Paypal and he are used to pay online, he prefers to pay on a platform he knows rather than a website that he trust less.


But I want to sell to him more from my amazing products! Can I create cross-sales and up-sales?

Yes, you can! we allow you to make recurrent payment, use your customers’ email address and to sell him even more products, this is how cool our product is. Let your visitor get the best personal treatment from Tap2Pays’ payment process bot and you will be amazed at how easy it is to amplify your sales funnel.


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