Payment processing is an important part of the hotel organization and management. Knowledge about how guests prefer to pay can help to optimize their payment solutions, maximizing bookings and profit margin. Website payment processing integration offers benefits for hotels such as:


Seamless Payments.


Online transactions are processed instantly, saving you time and giving your customers peace of mind that their booking was completed. This is important accepting any payment method from any channel as the industry is moving toward a more omni-channel approach. International guests prefer to pay with their accustomed payment methods when they travel.


PCI compliance and security.


Guests will consider your hotel more credible and reliable if your payment processing compliant to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Increase in sales.


By accepting credit and debit cards on your site, your rooms and services are made available to more potential customers. Besides the website, you can promote, sell and accept payments on all online channels: social media (post, ads), messenger, e-mail, blog via the special link. It’s open new your sales channels and maximizing hotel bookings and profit.


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A decrease in overhead.


Your staff won’t need to manage phone and email communications for bookings if guests can make it automatically.


Guests are more willing to give credit card information online.


Consumers are willing and able to shop for nearly any product or service online. That’s also more willing to provide their credit card or payment information online. This level of consumer comfort and confidence has led to a direct increase in online bookings for hotels across the globe.


Online document flow.


Hotel guests prefer electronic transaction confirmations. Rather than printing an itemized record of all charges made during a stay, most guests are happy with an email containing the same information.


Integration with the PMS.


The online payment solutions allow hotel operators to eliminate clunky, extra hardware and devices that were formerly used to process transactions. Rather, the payment portals are located within the property management system. The PMS is more intuitive and knows more about what types of payment options are needed within the hotel industry.


Don’t forget about In-person payment processing.

The ability to accept a variety of payment methods (for example QR code) in person at the front desk is important, as not all guests arrive with a pre-planned trip, or prefer to pay offline after booking online.


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