FinancesOnline, one of the most respected and reliable analytical B2B review platforms, chose Tap2Pay among top 20 Payment Gateway solutions.

According to their detailed Tap2Pay overview, our product has become a two-time winner of the following awards given out by the B2B experts: the Rising Star 2018 and The Great User Experience 2018.


The Rising Star award

under their top payment gateway solutions speaks for itself. Even if a company has not yet gained a sizeable market share, Tap2Pay addresses a big market does it in a solid way and has a number of strong competitive advantages.

In the case of Tap2Pay, those are good customer traction, innovative technology that opens new sales channels for online business. All of them serve to help our customers start selling and accept payments more effective, smooth with high conversion. It brings us much pleasure to learn that Tap2Pay succeeds in this and that Finances Online thinks so, too.


The Great User Experience Award

is given for noticeable and constant progress in quality user experience improvements, and this is also something Tap2Pay excels at. From the onset, Tap2Pay’s mission was to provide its customers with the most easy-to-use and secure platform for accept payments. Every day our team of professionals does their best to develop everything necessary to make it happen.


According to FinancesOnline review, with Tap2Pay, you sell and get paid instantly, within the messenger platform. It streamlines the buy and pay process for customers, which greatly improves their user experience and satisfaction. Tap2Pay has a dashboard where you can view all the information you need to manage your business, such as customers’ demographics, payment methods, and shipping addresses.


With Tap2Pay, you can communicate with your customers and sell your products at the same time, turning each conversation, each query, into a business opportunity. And once they are ready to make that purchase decision, they do not have to fill up the forms or exit the system to go to your website or online store. Tap2Pay lets you access your products and complete the purchase within the messenger app. It speeds up the whole process and you get paid quickly, which is good for your sales.

Please visit to post your own review of Tap2Pay. We invite everyone to experience our product and take full advantage of its features. We are ready to make your selling process more efficiently. Try Tap2Pay now.  


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