Online stores

Very often it’s difficult for online stores to make a simple and quick order form. They need information about you. But the more such information is required, the more probability that it will cause failure. The percentage of cart abandoned reaches 70%. In this case, chatbot can help.

If the buyer has questions, he often can’t ask for help, many e-commerce companies don’t have a chat or even a page with FAQ. 

According to Forbes, due to problems with operational support and customer service, companies lose up to 60% of customers.



High level of competition in this sphere requires all the time to search for new opportunities for development.

Using a chatbot for technical support, changing the tariff plan, managing and top up the account will simplify the work not only for the users but also for the staff.



Existing problems in this sphere are the cause a negative clients attitude. Increase the loyalty of target audience perhaps by focusing on their needs. Chatbot can help with requesting a bill for services with the possibility of paying directly in the chatbot, checking the debt or applying for repairs.


Cafe and food delivery

The implementation of chatbots in this sphere will help automate many processes. It will be very easy to make an order, fill the shipping address, track delivery, etc.


Transport companies and tourism

Booking, buying, exchanging tickets, online registration, a route map – this will help the traveler quickly make a choice, with a minimum of effort.


Fashion and beauty

  • Chatbot allows your customers make a purchase in chat;
  • Your customers can receive catalogs of clothing or cosmetics;
  • You can share content in chat: a review of the latest fashion trends, beauty industry tips etc, help in the selection of the look.

 According to eCommerce Fuel report women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry are in worst converting categories in e-commerce sphere. Chatbot helps with involvement customers and increases sales conversion.



Event organizers can use chatbot for selling tickets, send it to the messenger, collect reviews.


Create merchant account right now and try using a chatbot for your business.

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