Robots are taking over our daily routine in every aspect of our life: from paying bank bills to cleaning the house. It does not mean that within a year you will be leaving in a Matrix, but modern robots will for sure simplify your life in many ways.


Automation is everything. Chat support on smartphone saves our time and energy for more important things.


According to a survey, over 80% of customer problems will be solved with the help of chatbots.


What kind of customers can really use the help of live support?


Here are the Top 5 Business Areas that benefit from ChatBot support:



• prompting nearest branch locations, self-service terminals
• sending information about available credit programs and its terms
• helping to choose the necessary type of deposit
• accepting the request for required documents


Events selling agencies

• registering of new clients
• answering basic queries about cost, time, and location
• performing support functions
• booking tickets online


Online Stores

• registering new customers
• processing order placements
• processing payments for products
• conducting marketing surveys


Mobile operators

• onboarding of new users
• processing payments
• answering basic queries about cost, time, and location



Providers of Education services

• processing payments
• helping to choose an educational program
• accepting requests for required programs



Tap2Pay strives for excellence in every aspect of creating smooth and friendly chat support on smartphones.

We have developed stunning software for effortless payment processing via the most well-known social media messengers Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp with built-in chatbot client support.



If you need any assistance with updating your payment processing method with built-in chat support, please connect with our Customer Support Team.

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