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When we approach e-commerce and dropshipping, we always imagine huge bags on the corner with dollar signs all over them.

That is a nice dream to have, but sometimes you need to wake up and understand that the world isn’t even close to being that rosy and the “hustler” mentality is to hardly sleep at night and work your rear end off in order to reach the industry standard, which is no more than 8% conversion on average.

Don’t get us wrong, 8% could still be a lot if you have many prospects and you make a decent living but in order for you to stop worrying about your store, you need to scale up as you go as fast as possible.

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Even if your sales volume has increased tenfold, but you are still converting only 8% of your prospects, then you are doing something wrong – that’s not scaling up, that’s just adding another headache to the bunch.

At Tap2Pay, we have discovered that by moving the sales process to a medium that over 21% of the world uses, one can increase the sales conversion rate by over 50% on average.


By simplifying the sales process:

  • Moving the sales process to a medium the user knows (FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
  • Simplifying sales forms as the mobile version already gives you the email address as well as the phone number
  • Giving a prompt reply with a bot, instead of a sales rep

These all increase your sales conversion rate immensely, so if you are used to making $1,000 a day, you can potentially make even $1,500 a day, where you also increase your net profit by 28% on average (depends on where you live and sell).

Sounds good enough?

Test the product by sending us a message here (available plugins for Woocommerce and Magento at the moment).

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