As you know, Christmas is a great time to be selling online. Businesses (especially packaged goods, fashion, and luxury items) do up to 80 or 90% of their revenue during the holiday months.


Initiate more shopping spree for your traffic optimize for mobile


More than half of online holiday retail sales will originate on a mobile device. According to the Shopify report, 66% of 2018 global holiday orders were on mobile devices. During Black Friday sales, 6.2 billion has been earned and during cyber Monday 7.9 billion has been earned through mobile devices. So, plan your sales and optimize your site. 


Easy Checkout Process


It’s a well-known fact in eCommerce that the checkout stage of the purchasing process experiences the most cart abandonment. Online shoppers quickly lose interest if they need to fill so many payments and shipping information fields on the checkout page. However, Tap2Pay offers expedited checkout options. This is one of the benefits you could provide to users – a reprieve from long, clumsy shopping during the holidays when customers simply don’t have an extra minute to spare.


Open up different gateways for payment option


The festive holiday season should be well adequate with multiple payment gateway options. As there is large traffic coming from all platforms and sites, your holiday campaign should be a top priority. Options like Visa, Mastercard, Debit card, Credit card, and PayPal should be including, especially for the month from December to January. All these payment methods you could activate with the Tap2Pay payment system. 


Activate sales in your Social Media


During any festive occasion, you must be checking out various holiday hashtags used in the campaigns.  Be it for black Friday sale or cyber Monday or even New Year celebration. Whether you’re using a Facebook ad, magazine feature, in-store poster, or any other marketing material, give your consumers the ability to shop the images directly — like with Instagram Shopping.


Viral marketing


Videos and GIFs have become the centerpiece for conversion. During the festive holiday season, one tends to increase revenue through something innovative and viral. And, using videos and gifs are the best choice to do so. Not only, but it will also grab the attention of your customers. But using such marketing tactics will surely increase click-through-rate.


Upsale and Push Notifications

After any customer has selected something from your store and has added in their cart. Allow them to choose something more related to the sole product. Here, you can send a notification right in messenger through the Tap2Pay payment system.


The countdown is on

Your discounted prices need to not only be inviting but also feel special to the holiday season and here for only a limited time. Consider increasing conversions by making it clear to your customers that the special offers you have on are a ‘Christmas Sale’ and will soon be finishing.

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