Messengers are becoming an essential part of digital life for most of the organizations. Ways in which messengers and social networks address different challenges in an e-learning sphere are easier and faster than emails and telephonic conversations.

In e-learning, you can use messengers and social media to provide:

  1. Accepting Payments

You can accept payment not only on the site.

If you teach a lesson by Skype, Tap2Pay enables you to send a special link for the payment to the client in the chat or by email. After receiving it, he can instantly pay using the credit card. And you can check that the payment has done.

It can be even recurrent payments according to a payment schedule when the payment is charged automatically for a certain period or until a client cancel the subscription.

A client may forget to pay. Your manager needs to call him, remind, ask to send a document confirming the payment.

As a result, you provide an omnichannel experience for clients.

  1. Support

In the learning process, the student asks questions, it can be administrative questions or related to the subject. In the chat, he can instantly ask a question and get an answer. According to Forbes, due to problems with operational support and customer service, companies lose up to 60% of customers.

  1. Communicative Channel

Through this channel, a teacher can send useful learning materials, homework etc. He can remind you of the classes starting, cancellation, remind of exam etc.

The group chat in messengers enables your customers to create virtual study rooms for discussing specific topics. Messengers make it possible to record information quickly and comprehensively – like images, videos and voice recordings and to share it immediately.

  1. Notifications

The teacher can remind you of the classes starting, cancellation, remind of exam etc.

  1. The Feedback

It’s also possible to use chatbots to get more feedback from students.

How about using social media as vehicles for eLearning?

Facebook has a huge potential for eLearning. You can create text, images, videos, scoring, comments, pages, sharing etc.

You can start by selling eLearning courses on Facebook, it’s your ideal marketing platform.

For example, using Tap2Pay you can integrate special link with post or ads about your courses, after clicking on the link, a chat with clients open, you know who is your client, can communicate with him in real time, send notifications, support. A client can automatically receive an invoice and pay for courses or register.  

Facebook is also a way to create an online community page based on specific courses you offer or for your whole eLearning business as well. As for course-related feedback and collaboration, you can use it for that too.


Smartphones have already become a part of classroom environments, it works as a peer-to-peer and teacher-student communication channel, progress recorder, textbook, notepad, search instrument, and educational apps. That’s why chatbots are so popular in e-learning.

Tap2Pay help to Implement all these features for your e-learning service.

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