The power of chat for a better response

Chatbots make the perfect assistants answer the most commonly asked questions about your event. Chatbot can answer questions about your meetings schedule, speakers, location, times, and more. This can free your team to tackle the rest of the event’s execution.

Smart chatbots are even able to personalize messages and provide push notifications, for example, updated agenda

Chatbots can gather the necessary information from attendees and streamline the registration process for everyone. After events, they can conduct a survey.


Personalization tech

According to Statista, the average email open rate for a personalized message was 18.8% versus 13.1% for one that was not personalized at all.

For personalizing your approach:

Check activity history such as removing those who have registered already from the “reminder to register” email list.

Analyze attendees’ preferences by keeping track of their reactions: clicks by links, shared posts, likes the posts. Provide content based on those interests.

Alert attendees when they are in close proximity to their contacts or “want to meet” list.


Online ticket sales will surpass offline

According to Statista’s Event Tickets Report in the U.S half of high-income consumers (42.5%) buy tickets online. The typical ticket purchase, including season ticket packages, are not that complex. Just as adaptive selling is key to successful face-to-face individual encounters, event organizers must adapt and sell where fans are online.

If you want to start selling event tickets with high conversion on all online channels: website, social and messengers, let’s do that with Tap2Pay.


Tickets will join the subscription economy

Subscriptions and memberships have grown in sports & entertainment. Memberships replace season tickets and subscriptions replace general admission ticket sales. But why?

Subscriptions save time and reduce store trips.

Subscriptions reduce psychic costs. Personal income or cost-related factors are rarely the true objections to purchase; the biggest hurdle is the mental and emotional effort required in the decision to attend. If the customer doesn’t have to reconsider each time (for individual tickets) when to go, where to sit, how much, who’s playing the decision to go is much easier.

Subscriptions offer variety with a personalized touch. People – particularly young people – want to surprise and variety. Ticket subscriptions which offer different seats and random upgrade seat, service and experience options provide a variety of experiences and delight.

If you sell event tickets or event planning services and want to try a subscription model, set up recurring payments today with Tap2Pay.


Event Data

Big data is considered to be the future of technology. Event technology is no exception. Data can be a great aid in strategizing for event experience. Apart from more reliance on event data, data security is also bound to become a priority. Data security plans have already been set in motion with policies such as GDPR. Event data and data security are going to be a major priority in the upcoming years.


Artificial Intelligence

Event tech developers have started to focus on this tech in a lot of ways including stand-alone chatbots for events, integrating AI within the event app as well as using AI robots for attendee engagement. There may be a time in the future where events may leverage AI bots as speakers for their events. One of the best examples would be Sophia the robot. It is only a matter of time to see how event professionals will make the most of AI in the coming year.

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