Tilda now supports the Tap2Pay payment system.


We are pleased to announce that Tap2Pay is now available for integration with Tilda. If your site is powered by Tilda, you can connect Tap2Pay as a payment system for it. 

Tilda is a system of landing pages and online stores that you can connect and sell goods and services without a code. However, in order to fully activate payments, you need a payment system, and Tap2Pay will be just happy to assist you. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t hesitate to try it. Activate your account, connect with our team and transform your website into a shop which offers real products.

More detailed information of how to integrate Tap2Pay with Tilda you can find here.



a.) To add full-featured integration with another payment gateway, go to Site Settings → Payment Systems and select “Custom payment gateway”.

b.) The system will prompt you to select a template for integration. Select Tap2Pay and that’s it!


Optionally, you can change additional settings, change the names of variables that are passed when sending the order and debug the integration. You just need to configure a few mandatory settings, for more details follow the link

If you’re facing any difficulties with payment integration feel free to contact us. 


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