Tap2Pay Founder Eugene Palcheuski tells us how to choose the best payment gateway before your online business can launch.

Here are the criteria that will help you choose from a lot of proposals:


1.Commission size


Are there any hidden commissions and fees? Which commission is for your sales volume and type of business, for your region. It can be different.


2. How the money will be sent to your account


And how quickly. In which currency should the account be opened.


3. Is a system easy to integrate with your website?


Are there ready plugins, API?


4. What documents are required and how long documents will be checked


How complicated is the registration process?


5. In what channels you can accept payments, except on the website


The more payment methods for a user, the higher the sales conversion rate. For example, via SMS (mobile billing), through messengers and social networks with a credit card, through QR codes, through a mobile wallet.

For example, there is a function of recurring payments, if you need it.


6. How is it secure?


Payments must be protected by PSI DSS.


7. Take care of an end-user


Find out whether he needs to download an application or install special programs, wallets to pay for your services, products. It can reduce sales conversion.


8. Technological


A payment system should be convenient and effective not only for you but primarily for an end-user, should create a positive purchasing experience of instant payments.


9. How it Integrates with your CRM


Or offers its own CRM to support customers and receive statistics about user transactions, sales statistics.


10. How will a payment gateway help me increase conversion?


Conversion can increase due to smooth buying experience in one click, without long registration forms, the possibility of support in the chat, send notifications, a variety of payment methods, channels through which customers can buy goods.

If you want to activate a payment solution and start accepting payments easily and efficiently on all digital channels: site, messengers, and social networks, let’s discuss it.

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