1. Tickets Purchase

It is an easy way to buy and receive the event ticket and show QR-code at the entrance when you come.

2. Registration

The participant doesn’t have to look for the site, fill registration forms. He need only answer a few chatbot questions.

3. Notifications

The day before the event, you can send a reminder to add to the application “calendar.”

4. Communication with the organizers – Support

Сustomers can receive from you a support instantly in real time. Or chatbot can answer some question different languages.

5. Agenda Session Planning and Reminders

Participants can view the event’s agenda inside the Event Chatbot. This is an easy way for users to see who the next speaker is, where the presentation would be held or what is planned next.

6. Feedback

After event chatbot can help in collecting attendees’ feedback and conducting surveys.

7. Event marketing strategy:

  • Generate high-quality sales
  • Send useful content
  • Help find the right content
  • Involve participants during the event
  • Re-engaging potential customers


If you are planning an event, let’s make it more effectively with Tap2Pay.

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