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We remember how frustrating it was to pay for things as kids. You always needed to have the right amount of money, got change back, and you didn’t have a wallet to put it in so you put it back in your pocket.

Ever since merchants moved online and paying with credit cards become more and more secure (with PayPal making secure payments a standard in the industry), we don’t need to have cash anymore. Fulfillment by Amazon has also set the standard to overnight delivery, with clients almost able to recreate the thrill of going to the shop and buying a shirt on the spot.

Experience of Amazon and Walmart

Yes, Amazon is moving to brick and mortar stores, but it doesn’t change the fact that more and more people are opting for payment online as opposed to standing in line to buy something. Only selected few would actually go to a shop and pay on the spot when they can purchase online without waiting in line for the lady with the coupons to finish.

Walmart, the retail giant, has recently found a chink in Amazon’s armor that could definitely give it the lead in the race for retail superiority – a better deal.

By letting clients pay online and arriving at one of Walmart’s locations (over 4,700), they can receive another discount by not having the product “fulfilled” by Walmart, thus saving the extra money and knowing that Walmart is almost anywhere in the US, it’s mostly “just crossing the street to get my package”. This is something Amazon can’t fight yet, as by needing to fulfill the order, they must charge an extra fee that many Americans find “unnecessary”.


Tap2Pay and online client

By harnessing mobile messengers (with over 36% of purchases these days done by mobile) market penetration, Tap2Pay allows merchants to simplify their sales process and convert more leads into paying clients as fewer questions you ask, the better. Most Millennials are inclined to give their details on mobile as they are used to “one tap subscriptions”, especially in the US and Canada – this isn’t new and numbers are going up all the time.



By using a familiar setting (UI) and experience (UX) to integrate a new product which is a payment chatbot, a merchant can drive up to 25% more in sales conversion, which can lead to up to 154% more in overall sales over time (according to a case study we ran).

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How does Tap2Pay work?



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