Mobile Payments in Instant Messengers

Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Viber are on board already

Sell without annoying signup forms

Your clients get an invoice on Facebook Messenger or Telegram. There is no need to create an account to make a purchase, which helps in conversion rate and sales volume.

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Peer to Peer payments (P2P)

Lend \ borrow money while chatting with your friend. It’s fast and easy even if you are miles away.

Instant upselling

Your support team can easily generate and send invoices for complementary services while chatting with existing customers.

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Features and Functionality

Shop Setup

Sell products and/or subscriptions without seamlessly with no added code

A Digital Wallet

Tap2Pay generates security tokens instead of your banking card credentials

Physical Goods

Send shipment notifications to your customers with one click

Accept Payments

Start accepting payments instantly with Tap2Pay. Either you’re selling digital or physical goods/services.
Send invoices directly to others (great for dropshipping).

Manage Customers

Anytime someone purchases your products or you receive a payment you’ll be able to manage these transactions and customers from within Tap2Pay

Recurring Payments

Create subscriptions and charge your members on a recurring basis (fabulous for SaaS based products).

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5 benefits for merchants

You don’t need a fancy website to make good sale volumes

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